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Serving pho in Yellowknife since 2000.

The Vietnamese Noodle House is a family-owned and operated business that has long served fresh Vietnamese cuisine in the Yellowknife community. First opened in the year 2000, the restaurant was originally named The Country Corner. Later, in 2005, the third owners, Kim and Hung Le, decided to pursue their dreams of sharing a part of their culture through Vietnamese food with their local community. Many of the recipes have been passed down generationally within the family, including the pho recipe from Hung's mother that is on the menu today. 

Originally from Hanoi, Hung moved to Bien Hoa, South Vietnam, during the Vietnam War. There, he met Kim, and they later moved to the Canadian North in 1996. In moving to Canada, connections to food often brought back fond memories and feelings of comfort. Fresh pho and Vietnamese comfort food has been served ever since. 


In 2024, after nearly twenty years of operating, Kim and Hung have passed along the torch to Andy Liu, the current and fourth owner. Andy is dedicated and keen to continue serving the classic staples that locals have always loved, such as the original pho recipe and the classic 77. 

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